Custom BMW GS Motorcycle Seat

2000 BMW GS Before & After Seat Repair
2000 BMW GS Seat Before & After Repair

Some bikes look best when they’re customized, others boast a classic design hard to improve upon. You’ll find most BMW riders in the ‘why change perfection’ group.

Owning a bike with a classic design doesn’t mean you’re stuck with boring. For example, changing the seat color is a great way to add some spice without compromising the motorcycle’s original look.

The owner of a BMW GS recently pulled into our shop with exactly that sort of improvement in mind. He wanted to replace the old black cover with something bright blue.

He was happy with the seat, so we didn’t have to reshape it. Even so, it was necessary to recondition and replace several damaged sections of foam before recovering it. We recommended a bright blue marine-grade vinyl manufactured that sheds water and resists fading.

To provide additional protection against water damage, we attached the new cover using stainless steel fasteners. As you can see, the custom BMW motorcycle seat turned out great — the perfect way to individualize a classic looking bike.