Honda Twin Star Seat

Honda Twin Star
Hunting down a replacement seat for a vintage motorcycle can turn into a wild goose chase. When one of our customers came up empty-handed in his quest for a Honda Twin Star seat, he called us. We offered to fabricate a custom seat from scratch, but the biker had an offbeat idea. Instead of spending hundreds on a brand new steel and fiberglass seat frame, he suggested building the seat on an inexpensive skateboard deck.

We scratched our heads for a few minutes, then gave it a go.

After confirming the skateboard fit the motorcycle seat plate, the bike owner yanked the skateboard’s wheels and drilled mounting holes in its deck. With the board prepped, we went to work.

Skateboard Seat
Skateboard Seat

Skateboard Seat
The owner preferred a low profile seat, so we kept it simple and minimized the foam depth. We used a durable marine-grade vinyl for the cover. The lateral dorsal pleats are stylish, but they also serve a purpose; a pleated seat cover is ‘tackier’ than a seat with a plain surface. Finally, we turned the flared end of the old skateboard around to allow plenty of space for the tail light.

Turned out that building a motorcycle seat on a skateboard deck was not as crazy as it sounded.

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