Custom Gel Pads

gelPadsWe discourage bikers from buying standard gel pads such as Butt Buffers. In our opinion, these one-size-fits-all gel pads for motorcycles are a waste of money. They’re not designed for your body or your bike. They may slightly improve your ride, but they don’t begin to match the comfort of our custom-fit motorcycle seat gel pads.

Our custom-designed motorcycle gel pads & cushions are fabricated from sheets of a special polymer created for the medical field. This ultra-soft, shock absorbing material was invented more than 30 years ago to prevent pressure sores in patients confined to a bed or wheelchair.

Gel Seat Pads & Gel Pads For Motorcycles

While originally created with medical applications in mind, the shock absorbing properties of this polymer are perfect for dozens of other products. It’s used in gun recoil pads for hunters and cops. It’s also used to manufacture jackhammer gloves, race car seats, and pads for injured horses. Remember Danny DeVito’s penguin suit in the movie “Batman Returns”? It was made from the same medical polymer we use to fabricate our custom motorcycle gel pads and gel seat pads. This soft gel makes the ride smoother by decreasing pressure points and increasing blood flow throughout your hips, butt and legs. Our special medical polymer is stable and cool — far better than an off-the-shelf silicone pad, which can generate and hold heat during the summer.